Arch Linux is a Linux distribution that allows the user to install it exactly how they like, they do this by choosing how they want their partitions to be and the exact applications they wish to install.

Arch is definitely targeted towards the more experienced Linux users as you do need to understand the foundations of Linux to complete the installation, even following the guide it can still be difficult if you don’t understand what you are doing, and the Arch community has a somewhat zero help policy if you can’t help yourself first.

Arch starts the installation within a terminal, and this is where the user will spend their time creating and formatting partitions, installing the Arch system files, applications and boot loader.

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So why install it in the first place if it’s so difficult?

Arch gives the user total control over what they have installed on their system, saving space and resources and it means that every user knows exactly what they have installed.

Arch allows you to choose what Desktop environment, and then gives you that desktop environment as bare as possible to allow the user to customize it to exactly how they like.

Arch is one of the Linux milestones that you cross at some point in your Linux journey, even if you don’t intend to use it as a daily distro. The learning that comes out of completing an Arch installation can help users a lot in the future, especially with understanding what software is critical for running your system and so you understand why you have your partitions the way they are.

I recommend to all Linux users to try complete an Arch installation, and I think you will be surprised on how much you learn from it.

Download Arch here: